Sandra's Goals

In the spirit of making attainable goals I will keep most of these things pretty vague. It's an attempt at not getting discouraged, staying motivated, and making a real difference within myself without getting caught up in the details of what it would mean to "fail".

Substantially change my eating habits
I  have tried many fad diets and have got to tell you that most of them work... for a few weeks. And then I find it impossible to maintain a real life based on gimmicks and such a limited selection of food. I would love to develop my own eating habits, based on the plethora of nutritional knowledge I have acquired from years of being a fat girl in search of a cure. 
Bottom Line: I want to eat less/ practically no sugar, while cutting back on artificial sweeteners as much as possible. I want to eat more protein. I want to drink more water. I want to eat more fresh less processed foods. I want to learn to think about food as FUEL not a method to feel good.

Read More
I have never been what I would call "a real reader". I've never been the girl to choose a book over television... or a computer... or a twinkie. As I get older I have realized that I really do enjoy reading. It gives me a satisfaction not often acquired in a 30 minute sitcom. I have a real problem focusing and holding attention for long periods of time, and I'm pretty sure that television in general, combined with the vastness of channels available, combined with the remote control has made this this problem very apparent. 
Bottom Line: A book is the better choice for me. Plus its kind of a brag factor with your friends.

Be on the computer less
This is a tough one for me. I work on a computer I live on a computer. I love the Internet and Perez Hilton and Facebook. Most of all Facebook. However deep my love may be, it's making me into a person I never thought I would be. A person who reads about what other people are doing instead of doing things herself. 
Bottom Line: I have ditched my laptop (loaned it to a friend) so there will be no more sitting on the couch playing games on Facebook for hours on end. I have to get my ass up and sit at a desktop. Aside from what I deem to be the "necessities of life" and this blog, I plan to cut back in a big way.

Join a group fitness class
I have seriously been talking about Zumba for a year. Time to kick it in gear.

Go to church
It makes me feel good. Substituting God for soft pretzels and Facebook never hurt anyone.

Make a family budget and stick to it
Being a grownup sucks. I hate figuring out bills. I hate balancing the checkbook. I hate wondering how much money is where. All of this nonsense adds up to one ugly word: STRESS. I need less stress. WE need less stress. 
Bottom Line: We need to create a budget that allows us to not have to think about this stuff for a little while.

Pay for things more in cash
Maybe balancing our checkbook wouldn't be as taxing as donating a kidney if we didn't have 6,578,320 transactions a month. Most of them under $20.

Increase Activity level
Simple. I just want to move more and savor the benefits of all those endorphins. Some kind of habit forming activity like a nightly walk with my hubby wouldn't hurt here.

Nag less. Be more Kind. Be more patient.
God, do I annoy others as much as I annoy myself? It seems like some days I catch myself tapping my toes at the grocery check out line waiting for someone to count their change. Or honking my horn just as the light turns green. Is 17 seconds of my time worth being so ugly? I probably went home and spent 45 minutes reading celebrity gossip, what's my rush? I could probably just chock it up to being American, but lets face it, we could all use a little change in this category.

Take better care of my appearance
When I met my husband I was in the habit of weekly pedicures and you'll be damn sure you'd never see me without my eyebrows (I used to pencil and sculpt them meticulously) My college roommates used to joke that if there was a fire I would put my eyebrows on before leaving the house. WHERE IS THAT GIRL??? I'll tell you that this chick bares no resemblance to her. Currently, I probably shave my legs once every two weeks (it's not as bad in the summer), my toenail polish is chipped and I'm growing a uni brow that gives Eugene Levey a run for his money. Ugh. I don't want to be a beauty queen, but I want to feel like less of a slob.

Develop a sleep schedule
Since I quit my 9 to 5 in July I have no boundaries. Last night I went to sleep at 3:30am and woke up at 10:30. I feel useless and tired all the time and not going to bed with my husband has taken it's tole on both of us... and our sex life.
Bottom Line: I want to go to bed at a decent hour and get 8 hours every night.

Run a 5k
I may not actually run a legitimately organized 5k, but I would at least like to be ABLE to run 3.1 miles without stopping.

All in 111 days.