Antoine's Goals

Because I am not as wordy as my wife this will be very brief.

Save more money

In an effort to be more "grown up and responsible" I would like to save more and have a significant amount of money saved in a separate savings account .
Do more outdoors

My hatred of all things cold has overtaken my life and I would like to get rid of it. I spend my ENTIRE day in an office building with absolutely no windows and to able to spend more time outdoors would help my mood greatly.
Less computer/cell phone attachment

Both my wife and I are very tech savvy people, unfortunately that is one of our downfalls as well. Many days I come home from work and turn on the computer to read the news from the day, after I get off the computer then I'll go on my phone. I feel that if I can get a hold on how much time I waste on my computer or cell phone I would find more time during the day for meaningful things.

Lose weight

I'm 5'8" and somewhere between 260 - 280 pounds (haven't weighed myself in a while) with a family history of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. I know I sound like the old 40 year old man who hasn't let go of his "glory days", but in high school I played football, lifted weights, and kept myself in good condition and fluctuated between 185 - 195 pounds. I know BMI specialist everywhere are screaming that is in the overweight/obese range, BUT I believe for a man that lifts weights and doesn't desire that distance runner look that a final goal weight between 170 - 190 would be ideal.

Obtain a new job

I obtained my job after a year and half of being unemployed and while I am very grateful to have a job and a paycheck with the expected upward trending of the construction industry in 2011 I believe now is as great a time as ever to advance my career. My main reason for seeking a new place of employment revolves around the fact the I love to present new challenges and goals to myself and at my current place of employment I have become a stagnant and lost track of my ultimate career goals.

Laugh more / Smile more

I just think laughing and smiling more would be more fun, plus my wife says I have a good laugh and smile.

Be positive

I think this will come as things begin to be marked as completed.