Tuesday, January 4, 2011

108 Days to Go: Won't let Starbucks slow me down!

108 left to go my lovlies! How has it been for you?! I would love some updates on your first couple of days!

I was about to type that yesrday wasn't very productive but you know what.... in the spirit of being more positive and staying motivated, it was productive!

In the morning I worked out... hard... really hard actually. I neglected to tell you guys that I accidentally had my program on the Wii Active 2 set on medium rather than easy... BIG mistake... a painful one but I made it!

Then I got my mom showered (because she is currently my little invalid, read this about half way down if you want the story) which was a workout in itself. Then I got myself showered and primped for a meeting I had. Which I drove 40 minutes for and then got cancelled. 

But all was well because my business partner and GFF Laura decided to have a girl date at Panera and chat. I didn't look up the nutritional facts, but I made what I felt were smart choices given the restaurant. I had the You Pick 2 with a cup of Tomato Soup and Half of an Asian Chicken Salad. I figured it was safer if I avoided the sandwiches with all that bread and cheese and mayo. I drank water with lemon and declined a pastry treat for jus $.99 with my meal. 

We sat and talked and ate slowly and I really enjoyed my food, which I am now convinced has got to be one of the secrets to weight loss. Because at the end of my meal I was really satisfied with my food in a way that I am not often satisfied while eating in a 5 minute binge and run.

For "dessert" we went to Starbucks where I had a tall (small) mocha frappaccino light with nonfat milk and no whipped cream. Sure no dessert would have been more in line with a "diet", but this is still my life and if I want to have Starbucks on occasion, I'm going to figure out how to do it without being riddled with guilt.

So I indulged a little, but I did it within reason and I had a great workout before. At the end of the day I felt good, not guilty,  And that my friends is a win. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated!


  1. I've watched both episodes of I Used To Be Fat and want to do this challenge too! Not sure yet if it will be 111 days, I might push myself to make a goal for my 40th B-day, Feb. 16th.

    You are doing great, can't wait to see how far you've come after the 111 days!

    Hope you are having a great day today, I'll be back to check for your post!


  2. helllooooooooooooooooooo where are you 2??? hows the 111 days going!? We are on 98 days tomorrow girl!! Cmon.. blog blog blog!! sweat sweat sweat!!

  3. I have been out of commission due to a cold but I'm looking forward to getting my "run" on!

  4. Hi! I just started watching you. I'm also on a mission to lose weight. Its been about 3 weeks for me. I'm just looking for other people who are as determined as myself to lose weight, because we all need as much motivation as possible!

    About the eating slow thing: Yes, it's definitely a big factor in losing weight! You should try to make a meal last about 20 minutes, eat slow, enjoy it, just take your time. This will also keep you fuller, longer. I've been doing this myself. :)

  5. hihihi, i'm a new reader and i gotta say i love that this is a husband-wife blog :)) best wishes to both of you in your health journey and like ashley mentioned (above me) eating slow is a huge thing i'm working on in my health journey. have an awesome weekend!