Sunday, January 2, 2011

110 Days to go: Antoine Post #1

Day 1: Unproductive

Day 2: Productive

I'll chalk yesterday up to college football overload and starting a new program. Besides after watching Michigan State lay a total egg against Alabama the only thing I would've been good at is breaking a table.

Fast forward to today.

One of my goals is to get a new job so I've been taking the opportunity of the long weekend to put together my resume and this morning I sent it off to a couple jobs. My wife went to Costco this morning and purchased EA Sports Active 2. It's a pretty neat game that gives you an unexpected ass kicking and in 20 minutes I was sweating uncontrollably. After the video game ass kicking I had some homemade pizza and an amazing salad. Later on for dinner I had some spaghetti, some more water.


  1. Good job blogging honey! You'll have it down in no time ;) that active 2 is no joke.

  2. uncontrollable sweating is a good thing!! lol

    unexpected ass kickins.... are AMAZING! lol

    you'll get used to them both.. and when you do.. push yourself even harder.

    My trainer pushed me so hard the other day I almost puked!! Are you there yet? Get moving! :)

    looking forward to following you and Sandra on your journeys to better health!!